So…What About Shea Butter in Soap?

I know lots of folks use goat milk in their soaps these days – it has lots of nutrients and makes soaps perfect for those with sensitive skin. There’s also a creaminess in the lather that is luscious and feels soooooo good.

You know what else adds to that feeling?

raw unrefined shea

Shea Butter. 

Shea Butter comes from the nut of the Karite Tree and is made up of something called “unsaponifiables” – they are molecules of buttery, nourishing goodness that when added to soap are “leftover.”  Instead of cleaning like the other oils do, Shea Butter has lots of vitamins A, E and C that protect the skin gently during the cleansing process.

I use unrefined Shea Butter in every bar of Hemlock Springs Soaps – it retains all of the natural nutrients and vitamins, and adds not only a little hardness to the bar, but a dense creaminess to the fluffy goat milk lather.

So if you are in the market for a gentle yet effective bar of soap, check us out! 

Cheers –


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