Happy Wednesday…


It’s a fine Wednesday in New Hampshire to officially start (for the umpteenth time) a blog specifically for Hemlock Springs Soaps. Might as well start at the beginning, right?

My first batch of soap was made in 1999. Scratch that. A lot earlier – I made soap from rendered tallow at Girl Scout camp a *long* time ago. Not sure we ever used that soap, and it stunk something terrible. But I kind of remembered it and wanted to make gifts for Christmas one year. Ordered a book from Amazon (back when Amazon only sold books) and spent days riding around looking for ingredients. That first batch was rough…took me all day to make roughly 3lbs of soap and I was a nervous ninny. But I was hooked on the process. My co-workers at the time were gracious enough to indulge my every day blathering on about soapmaking and my passion was born.

Over the next decade or so, I did 8-10 craft fairs per year. In 2013 I had the opportunity to try this soap thing as my full time job. And on April 1 2016 I’ll be celebrating THREE YEARS at this full time. And it feels so good! I’m feeling like I’m ready to hire a couple of folks to help out more than I did last year. I’ve got a good feeling about the wonderful woman who has taken on the wholesale sales portion of the business. I’m excited to learn about blogging and maybe spend a little more time on the business part of the business than I have been.

I’ve got an MBA in Marketing in Management, a certificate in Project Management and my undergrad in Accounting. Not to mention a life-long love of skincare products and stuff that smells fantastic!

So what can you expect from my official blog? Well right now I hope to share articles and information about ingredients, maybe a few recipes you can try at home, and who knows!

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